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Posted by - Admin / February 26th, 2010

If you don’t know anything about Klemmer & Associates, all you need to do is see some clips for their seminars. There is a presentation on their web page which is inspiring and insightful. If you want to know what a Klemmer & Associates seminar is like, this video is very instructive.

Klemmer & Associates is a company that helps to change peoples perceptions of values

Posted by - Admin / November 18th, 2009

Commitment, loyalty, communication, honesty, success, and leadership are values that have lost much of their meaning in the world today. When various people talk about these values, they often have very disparate understandings of what the terms actually mean. This disconnect in our society about these incredibly important terms is a big reason that some of us do not meet others expectations in these fields.

When someone’s behavior does not meet our expectations, it is because their understanding of, or belief in, a particular value does not match ours. For example, when someone lies to you—it is because they do not place the same importance on honesty that you do, they do not have the same underlying reasons for telling the truth that you do.

Businesses often need to encourage their employees to work harder, lead better, or communication more effectively. To this end, they will often hire motivational speakers to give presentations which demonstrate the importance or leadership, or lead their employees in an exercise to demonstrate the need for communication in the workplace. This type of motivation has its merits—but unfortunately the benefits that are gained tend to be quite temporary in nature. Klemmer & Associates is a company that helps to change peoples perceptions of values like commitment, loyalty, communication, honesty, success, and leadership in a way that makes them change their behavior permanently.

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